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ClevCalc Calculator – The best Versatile Calculator App for Android Full of Practical Functions

ClevCalc Calculator Most Versatile Calculator App for Android

If the two things that we all use in just about every moment of your lives, then that\’s oxygen to breathe and numbers for daily tasks. The second is definitely an indispensable and inevitable element of our life basically since the former. Just think folks, what if there wasn\’t any mathematics, numbers etc?. Well, it would are already a chore to do daily life. On the subject of activities, they will range from any beginner\’s task such as checking enough time to many high-level complex task for example math problems (if you’re a mathematics teacher by profession). Now, keeping mathematics planned, let’s go to the main topic of this short article. Today Let me provide you with all Droidviewers an app called ClevCalc Calculator that can offer you web-site and get conduct calculations that you will find required by your everyday life.

ClevCalc features pretty much virtually any calculator you\’ll ever need. Also, it possesses a great very light, fluid and intuitive program. Sure, you have seen many of these to choose from while in the store, however you are currently the best out of the available ones.

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Enough said, let’s get started for taking an in-depth look at ClevCalc – Calculator app as depicted in the screenshots below.

ClevCalc – Calculator in action

Welcome to ClevCalc – Calculator. The calculator shown above in the screenshot is definitely the default calculator upon the 1st launch in the app.

Tap the three-line button to get into all the other available calculators. Moreover, tap the historical past button upon the top right-hand side to access calculations history. Furthermore, tap the three-dot button located beside the history button to view settings and hang decimal places. Refer the other few screenshots below to view the calculators doing his thing.

Available calculators

As stated previously, tap the three-line button every single child access available calculators. An array of them sold at your disposal.

Now let’s dive into altogether of these one after the other. Refer your next few screenshots carefully.

Currency converter. Convert from and to nearly any currency employed on earth. The attractive element is always that the currency rates can be updated simply by a tap in the refresh button at the top of the calculator.
Unit converter. Convert the units that you pick on the go. Tap from in order to boxes to view available units for conversion. Moreover, tap the star button on the top bar right-hand side from the calculator to include the units selected for conversion to frequently used units.
Discount calculator. Calculate reductions for that very valuable purchase that you are aspiring to complete. Refer the screenshot.
World time converter. Tap the + icon to add an urban area.
Date calculator. Handy if you want to carry out a task within the specific timeframe. Refer another screenshot below.
With mention of screenshot above.
Fuel cost calculator. That one could be really handy to me and all sorts of those owned by India where fuel cost is insanely high. Happy saving!. Refer your next screenshot.

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Fuel efficiency calculator. On the subject of the screenshot above, that one would be equally handy.
GPA calculator. This may be for all us students out there. Tap the + icon so as to add this issue name, amount of credits and grades. Refer the next screenshot.
As mentioned above, tap the + icon to increase details as if your subjects and grades.
Calculator for your health-conscious ones in existence. It shows our body mass index and basal energy depending on the information you input.
Hexadecimal calculator.
Loan calculator. Looking to take a loan? than the calculator is preparing to help you.
Ovulation calculator. This calculator is very important and a good choice for ladies.
Sales tax calculator.
Unit price calculator.


Settings obtainable in ClevCalc. All of them are virtually self-explanatory. Glance at the screenshot carefully.

Premium version

The ad-free version costs $ 5.49. To remove Ads, tap the three-line button after which tap Remove Ads.

My thoughts

ClevCalc – Calculator is awesome free app to handle your necessary calculations. Its fast, fluid and features may well and intuitive ui. This blog is unquestionably one app worth downloading. I recommend highly all of you to allow this original app an attempt. You won’t be disappointed by any means.


So here it is folks having an in-depth look and writeup on a beneficial, wonderful and exquisite app for Android. Then chime inside comments section below in your take and knowledge about this neat app. Download ClevCalc – Calculator app for Android by way of the Google Play Store link given below.

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