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KISS Launcher: The Lightest and Simplest Launcher for Android

KISS Launcher: The Lightest and Simplest Launcher for Android

There are only a few simple and clean launchers obtainable for Android. A lot of them, fully have a traditional app drawer and home screen combo. If you\’d like to move away from this traditionality?. Then come, let’s meet KISS Launcher (KISS is the abbreviation for “Make it simple & Stupid” as said before with the developer on Google Play Store). KISS Launcher boasts a very simplified and intuitive interface like for example, it will not employ a separate app drawer, unlike other launchers. Instead, it features just one home screen that has a search bar towards the bottom in the screen looking for anything present on the device.

Moreover, the launcher is featherweight just under 250KB. Yes, you see clearly right, it really weighs under 250KB, not 250 MB. Now, enough said, let’s take an in-depth look at KISS Launcher as depicted in the screenshots below.

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KISS Launcher in-depth look:

KISS Launcher intended for:

Press your property button on the tool and then select KISS Launcher to consult with your property screen. This can be a default setup in the launcher (customisation on how!).
Tap looking bar located at the base to look anything and everything present against your device.
A rolling screenshot using the screenshot above. Here, I\’ve typed ‘set’ looking for anything matching the letters ‘s’, ‘e’ and ‘t’. Refer the screenshot above carefully.

Alternatively, you may also access all of your installed apps. To access them, tap the circle icon located to the left on the search bar. Refer another screenshot.

Tap the circle located to the left within the search bar to begin or close the app list.

With mention of screenshot above, you may tap and grip any app so that you can include it with the favourites bar which happens to be located just higher than the search bar (the vicinity where my WhatsApp, Chrome and much more shortcuts are situated). Refer the following screenshot to know more.

Tap and hold after which you can select ‘Help to increase favourites’. However, you might also uninstall an app, head over to an app info and more.

Ok, now, let’s enter into the sweetest part, that is to customise the planning and feel of your launcher.

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Customisation settings:

Tap the three-dot button located off to the right from the search bar every single child access the settings. Refer the next screenshot.

In this menu, you might be offered options which include to input the launcher settings, get a new wallpaper and enter your device settings.
Settings. Available settings are history, gui, providers selection and advanced settings.
History settings. Again you need to in at this point is self-explanatory.

The history appears throughout the favourites bar featuring your hottest app launches. Refer another screenshot.

My recently launched apps are provided above the favourites bar.
User interface settings. Here you possibly can customise various issues with the launcher the way you like and preference. Glance at the screenshot above thoroughly.

After customising the launcher, this is why it seems right now. Refer the subsequent three screenshots.

The main screen.
My favourites added to the favourites bar. Also, take note of the app history on top of the favourites bar.
The app list. Tap the circle button to open up the app list.
Providers selection settings. Here, you could enable or disable the providers for example contacts, WiFi, Bluetooth toggles and many more that is visible inside the search engine results.
Advanced settings.

My thoughts and conclusion

All in any, I would like to claim that this is certainly one unique launcher that includes a simple search bar for any needs when compared to a standard app drawer and residential screen type launcher. Moreover, along with this being launcher super lightweight but in addition super battery efficient. Furthermore, the unique name on this launcher matches its functionalities and capabilities too.

So that’s all Droidviewers and tech enthusiasts in this little in-depth evaluate a great launcher at as soon as for Android devices to choose from. Do chime during the comments section in your take and expertise in this launcher. Download KISS Launcher through Google Play Store link given below.

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