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SMS Organizer from Microsoft is the foremost SMS Client for Android

In many parts of the globe, im services just like WhatsApp have got above the arena. However in lots of other regions on the planet, SMS remains to be preferred over instant messaging services. Businesses everywhere though do rely heavily on SMS messages. They work without Internet making them a lot more reliable. Yet this also means receiving a lot of promotional messages from a wide variety of sources. Let alone everything online now uses SMS messages to ensure it’s you. Put in the messages through the actual contacts and you’re looking for a pile of … mess, whenever you open your SMS app. SMS Organizer from Microsoft has long been attempting to change that.

Edit: Sort of forgot to say this nevertheless the app is merely available in India via the Play Store. Thanks, Andrey.


The Microsoft Garage team came across SMS Organizer many years ago actually. We even listed it among the very best Spam SMS Blockers. But months have passed ever since then along with the app continues to be updated for your better. Previously, even though it was really good it didn’t feel like a finished product somehow. It sure does now. Microsoft’s SMS Organizer is the the only app of this type given that it deploys machine teaching themselves to differentiate regarding the different varieties of SMS messages a customer receives.

\”The SMS Organizer app uses sophisticated machine learning algorithms to classify and interpret transactional, personal, promotional, and spam messages. The app occupies not much space around the device (basically 3MB) and works independently without connected to the web,\” the firm said in the statement.

There lots of apps that block spam messages and categorize various messages into categories, and at least one of them uses a product like machine learning as well. But SMS Organizer remains to be the best option given that it has a whole lot more to make available. It even sets reminders for upcoming tasks including catching a direct flight ticket, payment of bills or booked movie tickets, provided you received an SMS regarding it.You may, certainly, create reminders manually also and tag a text along with the reminder.

SMS Organizer can also detect authentication codes and OTP codes in your messages after which you can it displays them big and clear on the notification so that you don’t need to hunt for it. It can be a lifesaver if you work with the browser or perhaps app which cannot read OTPs. A list of features hasn’t yet ended because there’s a further.

It will let you create and save backups of your SMS messages to,?curiously, your Google Drive account. I\’m surprised, a Microsoft app letting users use Google Drive but not even including a choice to use their own One Drive service? I’m not complaining though.


An app created for organizing your SMS messages that can’t even organize it’s interface elements nicely doesn’t really sound very promising. But SMS Organizer isn’t a kind of.?At a UI perspective, the app is easy to make use of instead of as cluttered mainly because it must have been considering exactly how many things it\’s transpiring at the leading screen.

One of the highest quality things that you may simply?swipe a phone message to advance it holiday to a folder or left swipe to mark it as read/unread. Almost all contributes to one of my gripes that you might or would possibly not share. Swiping to archive a note would prove a little bit more convenient than moving it to your folder. Sure you can still swipe after which you can pick the archive folder but it adds a supplementary step. To include in that, it is not as satisfying as swiping to archive or delete, if it makes sense at all.

There can be a dark mode though nonetheless it is not going to try a true black or use the material black background. SMS Organizer actually came out of an experimental Skype Lite feature so it uses the Skype colors as well. It’s white and blue normally and turns the variety of dark grey and blue in darkness mode.


An app that reads your messages and uses machine learning to make sense of it really is apt to raise suspicion. Worried about privacy? Always be. But a minimum of so far as official statements go, none of your is definitely cloud-based. The app sends no data to your Microsoft servers and everything happens appropriate your phone.

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