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Save and Repost Multiple Instagram Pics and vids in One Click with Fast Save for Instagram

Download and Re-post Multiple Instagram Photos and Videos

Instagram, since it’s inception is the one-stop hub for any photoholics in existence. It offers provided its users having an easy way share their pics more expressively than any photo sharing platforms. Instagram allows the users the cabability to share stories that enable them to display pics and vids that tend to are 1 day. Moreover, Instagram has all of the basic media sharing capabilities in addition to sending direct messages, starting an active video plus more. However, several features sorely missed by its users could be the capability download and re-post the media. I’m just wondering why the Facebook-owned Instagram wrong in size unwilling to add these proven and intuitive features.

Well, until Instagram decides to utilise these functions, let’s have a look at an app called ‘Fast Save for Instagram’. This awesome app will let you download not just one but multiple pics and vids simultaneously. As well as the mentioned feature, what\’s more, it lets you repost them among more features.

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To learn more, join me to adopt an in-depth glance at the app as depicted inside screenshots below.

Fast Save for Instagram

Welcome to Fast Save For Instagram. Save, repost and appreciate.
Login in your Instagram account credentials or save/repost without login.
Fill in your Instagram account credentials.
After logging into websites, you will be shown a quick tip to be able to download multiple photos and videos. Long press to choose multiple photos and videos to be able to download? them.

How to download multiple photos and videos

Newsfeed. Tap and hold any photo or video to multi-select. Refer the next screenshot.
Now that you have got selected the approaches you would want to download, tap the blue download button found at the lower right-hand corner with the screen to download.
The download has started. However, to download in private, you will have to pick the PRO licence.

The downloaded media gets saved within the gallery from a folder called ‘FastSave’. Alternatively, will come your way the download media inside the app itself. To gain access to the downloaded media, tap another button that comes with the top right-hand side with the screen. Refer the next screenshot.

Downloaded photos. Throughout the app, the downloaded media is named My Downloads. Here you have got two tabs: Pictures and Videos and you can now find a slideshow, share and type them as per your preference.
Downloaded videos.
Quick tip: long press any saved photo or video to discuss, repost, delete, hide and multi-select.
Tap and hold a saved photo or video for options.

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How to re-post

To re-post, visit any profile, view any one of their photo or video and after that tap the 3rd button from your left located under the image.

Note you happen to be taken up the state run Instagram app to share images since app doesn’t have the ability to post a photo or video (If only it had). This app is utilized for downloading and re-posting purpose only.

This is the Instagram app. Crop the photo per your liking.
Apply an impact or edit.
Give the photo a caption and press the proportion button.

User interface

Fast Save contains a basic and intuitive program. check it out below.

Features four tabs; feed, search, liked media with your profile.

Tap the three-line button to gain access to quick tips plus much more. All things are neatly presented within this app. Refer the subsequent screenshot.

Quick tips and much more.

You are able to save profile pictures too. Go for the profile and tap their profile picture to enlarge it then tap SAVE. See below.

To save a user profile picture, tap the profile picture and press SAVE.

My thoughts and conclusion

All overall, I\’m going to point out that this is you need to present an app or everyone looking to download multiple pics and vids as well. Moreover, the ability to re-post images or video is a superb functionality which has not been implemented since yet from the official Instagram client. However, do keep in mind that this app features ads. If u be able to get eliminate ads then, get the PRO licence for ? 120 or Dollar.874 more specifically.

And here you are going tech enthusiasts on my small in-depth look and overview of an uncomplicated, intuitive and useful app. Then chime within the comments section against your take and expertise in this sleek app. Download Fast Save For Instagram using the Google Play Store link given below.

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