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3 Entertaining Weather Apps for Android You are able to Out

3 Entertaining Weather Apps for Android

Today I’m going to talk about the weather. Wait, we aren’t changing our niche to weather forecasting, we’re still information on Android.

It’s nice to understand the weather but it’s not the must conversational topic, right? Heck, it’s not just funny to share it. Well, today that’s about to change. Well, slightly. I mean, you continue to won’t discuss with anyone around the weather but the truth is have a laugh while checking out the condition. Here i will discuss three entertaining weather apps for Android to attempt if you’re tired of the normal ones.

Fu*** Weather

“Bring your #@*&% umbrella. Or better don’t head outdoors by any means.” Is precisely what you’ll see after you check the weather with Fu*** Weather.

How more often than not maybe you have seen outside the window to look at the weather and everything you thought was “oh #@*&%!”? Several times, I bet. Well, Fu*** Weather does that to suit your needs. If anything, it could possibly keep you from swearing.

Jokes aside, Fu*** Weather conditions are simply awesome. From it, you can even examine detailed current weather condition, hourly weather, humidity, wind, temperature, etc. What\’s more, it features a home screen widget and likewise supports Android wearables.

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