Developers are now able to use Apple's Transporter tool to upload app previews to iTunes Connect

Registered iPhone, iPad and Apple TV developers can use Apple’s command-line delivery tool to upload their app previews to iTunes Connect, change?app metadata in big amounts and even more.

Called Transporter, this command-line tool integrates having a developer’s content management system in order to help deliver their app metadata in large quantities using XML, that the company claims is primarily great for adding and managing multiple localizations.

App previews, or short promotional videos, is found on app pages in iOS and tvOS App Store, allowing people to see an application in working order and find out if this sounds something they could need before but in addition Buy button. Mac App Store would not yet host app previews.

You can set app previews to automatically utilize both Wi-Fi or cellular or on Wi-Fi only or disable them altogether in Settings iTunes & App Stores Video Autoplay.

For specifications on using Transporter to upload app previews, see Apple’s support document.

Transporter basically validates metadata and assets and delivers them instantly to iTunes Connect, that is certainly what developers use to upload and manage their app binaries on App Store.

Partners has to be authorized by the Transporter qualification method to take advantage of this delivery method. Delivery methods Aspera and Signiant are accustomed to provide reliable transportation.

Apple supports Transporter over the following os:

  • macOS X 10.6 or later (64-bit system)
  • Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10 or later (32-bit versions only)
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (64-bit system)

Developers who\’re approved by the Transporter qualification process can download the command-line tool from your Tools section in iTunes Connect.

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