Saurik confirms that he's taking care of iOS 11 support for Cydia

Ian Beer\’s recently-publicized tfp0 exploit is very much assisting eager jailbreak developers inside their ongoing search for establish a working jailbreak tool for iOS 11.0-11.1.2.

Twitter user cheesecakeufo shared the photo above on Twitter recently, showcasing what definitely seems to be Cydia running over a jailbroken iPhone X with iOS 11.1.2 placed on it. Whilst it looks promising at first glance, there\’s purportedly still a truckload of work to be done.

Cheesecakeufo cites Ian Beer\’s exploit as a big help in making a this feat possible, but a majority of caveats remain. For just one, it\’ll try taking some fine-tuning and testing to be certain stability. Furthermore, Cydia isn\’t quite ready for iOS 11 at this time, and its particular functions remain limited until Saurik updates the app for Apple\’s latest main system.

While it looks like there may be a long wait in advance of us, a Reddit comment from the father of Cydia himself reveals that he\’s actively taking care of iOS 11 support to the app as we speak:

The comment also underscores how Saurik balances his Cydia employ a day job, therefore we shouldn\’t expect an update overnight. Nevertheless, it\’s still thrilling to listen to the way the primary source for add-ons and tweaks on jailbroken devices will soon purchase an update despite anything that adjusted down in recent weeks.

Given the circumstances, it appears increasingly likely that we\’ll get to see yet another season of jailbreaking. Then again, there\’s still no ETA when ever the state iOS 11 jailbreak might drop. Everyone will must hang tight and continue crossing their fingers; keep in mind, we’ll keep you in the loop as things change.

NOTE: You can support Saurik and his awesome work on Cydia by donating to him from his official web page.

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