Another Snapchat-like feature is coming to Facebook Messenger

Facebook yesterday unveiled another Snapchat-like feature from the mobile Messenger app for iPhone and iPad.

As messaging is actually more visual in the past and Messenger has gained the capability to send high-resolution photos, Facebook is introducing a visible messaging feature called World Effects.

Not unlike Snapchat, this lets you drop 3D objects in your surroundings to capture and share fun moments with your family and friends. One of several effects has you adding a three-dimensional heart that floats over someone’s head. Yet another one enables you to give a virtual arrow to show to a exact object or location in a very panorama. Yet one more one involves a celebratory robot which plays three different varieties of music.

Watch a rapid video demonstration of World Effects below.

Aside on the heart, arrow and robot, other new camera effects add a unicorn and word bubbles like \”love,\” \”bae,\” \”heart\” and \”miss you.\” To increase any Effect in your Messenger conversation, tap you icon within your chat after which you can scroll to pick a direct impact to use in your image. Additional filters are going to be added onto Messenger eventually.

World Effects are rolling out now to everyone.

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Facebook Messenger is accessible for free on App Store.

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