Ways to downgrade your Apple TV 4 to tvOS 10.2.2, and whether you need to

We reported yesterday within the release of nitoTV, the package manager for tvOS. Like Cydia does on iOS, it allows for that installing of unsigned apps and tweaks on Apple TV 4 and 4K, and?currently supports tvOS 9, 10.0-10.1 and 10.2.2. All of these firmwares have jailbreaks, only one of them continues to be signed by Apple, prepared to be downgraded to and jailbroken. But is it that simple?

The interesting thing about tvOS 10.2.2 is the fact that, during writing, Apple continued to be signing it. This means, in the meantime,?Apple TV 4 users?can still restore into tvOS 10.2.2 and jailbreak with greeng0blin. That makes greeng0blin a jailbreak for your current firmware, a thing that may be increasingly rare recently. Any Apple TV 4 can transfer to the right firmware in working order, irrespective of their current setup, but you’ll have to be cautious before you decide to do.

We’ll teach you ways to downgrade to tvOS 10.2.2 in this post, however here are a few circumstances to take into account.

What to learn before deciding

  • This may be for Apple TV 4 users only. Apple TV 4K cannot return to tvOS 10, and Apple TV 3 cannot go up to tvOS 10.
  • tvOS 10.2.2 will be the only signed tvOS 10 version.
  • greeng0blin supports?tvOS 10.2.2 only, not one other firmware version.
  • If Apple stops signing tvOS 10.2.2, provided be ready to downgrade with it. In the time writing this article it turned out still signed, nevertheless it will likely not remain signed indefinitely. Check before you start.
  • If you downgrade to tvOS 10.2.2, you will probably struggle to go back to your firmware, should you not have saved blobs.?If you opt to upgrade later without blobs, you will have to relocate to the currently signed firmware (presently tvOS 11.2.5), that will certainly not have access to a jailbreak.
  • You will suffer any tvOS 11 features, like automatic dark mode switching, as well as any apps which support only tvOS 11, just like Netflix.

These caveats are not for being taken lightly, so decide regardless of if the downgrade is good for you. A number of the problems above might be avoidable, including with a tweaked sort of Netflix for tvOS 10, or escaping to tvOS 11 via a futurerestore upgrade with saved blobs whenever a newer sort of nitoTV is ready, that\’s for you to consider, and also to risk.

Should I downgrade my Apple TV 4 to tvOS 10.2.2?

I’m currently on tvOS 9.x, or 10.0-10.2.1
Yes, I feel you should restore to tvOS 10.2.2 whilst you enjoy the chance. Available for you, traditional now is easier as you’re upgrading rather than downgrading. You will be thus getting good features and app compatibility, plus the jailbreak and nitoTV. Once jailbroken with greeng0blin, it is possible to?to futurerestore to tvOS 11.0-11.1 in case you have saved blobs. Do it!

I’m?currently on tvOS 11.2 or better and so i have blobs for tvOS 11.0-11.1
Yes, should restore to tvOS 10.2.2 although you contain the chance. You are going to lose some stock features and app compatibility, but you’ll get a jailbreak and nitoTV.?Once jailbroken with greeng0blin, you\’ll be able to live there and appreciate it, or?futurerestore to tvOS 11.0-11.1 with the saved blobs. Your firmware doesn\’t have jailbreak anyway, so do it!

I’m?currently on tvOS 11.2 or more on the other hand have no blobs for tvOS 11.0-11.1
I personally think you need to restore to tvOS 10.2.2 when you contain the chance, but only providing you be aware of the caveats. You can lose some stock features and app compatibility, but you’ll purchase a jailbreak and nitoTV, which might be capable to catch up on them. Your current firmware doesn\’t have a jailbreak anyway, so it’s looking at, though without blobs you’ll be forced to up to date firmware the very next time you would like to upgrade. Accomplish their goals.

I’m currently on tvOS 11.0-11.1 and i also have blobs for tvOS 11.0-11.1
You should think about restoring to tvOS 10.2.2 because you contain the chance, but view the risk. You’ll?get a jailbreak and nitoTV, but you’ll lose some stock features and app compatibility.?Once jailbroken with greeng0blin, you can?futurerestore back in tvOS 11.0-11.1 with all your blobs anyway, so that your risk is not as much as should you have had none. However, your overall firmware already provides a jailbreak in LiberTV 11.0-11.1. Which means in case you wait in all probability you\’ll acquire a version of nitoTV, without downgrading. If you ever downgrade and then screw up your futurerestore back to tv OS 11, you’ll have forfeit your chance on the tvOS 11 jailbreak entirely, so perhaps waiting against each other is the perfect option. Accomplish their goals.

I’m?currently on tvOS 11.0-11.1 but I don\’t have blobs for tvOS 11.0-11.1
You should no doubt not?restore to tvOS 10.2.2, if you don\’t really prefer to. You’ll?acquire a jailbreak and nitoTV, but you’ll lose out in a newer tvOS 11 jailbreak completely. You’ll also lose some stock features and app compatibility. Without blobs, you can’t?use futurerestore to return to tvOS 11.0-11.1, so it’s an unsatisfactory trade. Your existing firmware already contains a jailbreak in LiberTV 11.0-11.1. Therefore in the event you wait you\’ll have a form of nitoTV soon enough, without downgrading. For those who downgrade you’ll have forfeit the time of the tvOS 11 jailbreak entirely, so waiting against eachother is best option.

Ok, I’m doing the work. Wait, how?

1)?Download the Apple TV 4 tvOS 10.2.2 IPSW file.

2)?Ensure that tvOS 10.2.2?is still signed before beginning. Otherwise, your restore will?fail and you will have to upgrade on the current firmware.

3)?Connect your Apple TV 4 to the computer and open iTunes.

4)?Hold across the?shift?key (Windows), or even the?option/alt?key (Mac), after which you can press the?Restore Apple TV-?button.

The alternative?will wipe your device, and all your saved info and settings. It?will have to be build again as new.

5)?A file browser can be. Proceed to the tvOS 10.2.2 IPSW firmware file that you simply downloaded and select it.

6)?Accept the prompts to revive, and hold back until it completes before disconnecting your personal machine.

For more in-depth instructions, have a look at our full guide.

To block updates once on tvOS 10.2.2, look at our guide.

Done, done, done. Once on tvOS 10.2.2, download greeng0blin and jailbreak about it. It\’s going to install nitoTV in the process, so you’ll be great to travel once it’s finished. Let me know operate benefits you, or whether you selected to have to wait against eachother for tvOS 11 instead. Always save your valuable .shsh2 blobs on your Apple TV in the future, if you ever haven’t already. Have a great time!

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