VideoHUD provides system-wide having access to iOS 11's new volume HUD

One of the most significant pain points relating to the iOS interface is definitely the stock volume HUD. It arises directly in the center of your display, forcing that you lose time waiting for its automatic dismissal before returning to your tasks.

Apple provided meaningful volume HUD-centric upgrades in iOS 11, but you\’ll only see them when you watch videos or play full-screen games. Fortunately, a new free jailbreak tweak called VideoHUD by iOS developer Youssef Mikhail lets you enjoy these upgrades everywhere you look in iOS.

As you will have discerned already, VideoHUD enables you to benefit from iOS 11\’s video player volume HUD with a system-wide basis. That said, you don\’t have to be watching youtube videos or playing a full-screen game to experience the perks of Apple\’s upgraded volume HUD.

Interested using what it appears that when used? Simply visit the animated GIF below:

The benefits of the video player volume HUD include getting an unobtrusive ui that appears during the top right to your display and not smack in the centre. Furthermore, it\’s a great deal better, causing a newer appear and feel as opposed to one we\’ve seen throughout countless generations of iOS.

In case it wasn’t blatantly obvious from the outset, VideoHUD plays nicely with some other kinds of volume adjustments. These include, but aren’t on a, changes to media volume and ringer volume.

VideoHUD can be a relatively-straightforward jailbreak tweak with one purpose planned, in order that it shouldn\’t be a great deal of surprise that there aren\’ options to configure.

The tweak comes with a significant upgrade to jailbroken iOS 11 devices and can be downloaded totally free from Cydia\’s BigBoss repository. Notably, because VideoHUD utilizes the recording player volume HUD measuring only obtainable in iOS 11, the tweak will not likely develop jailbroken devices running iOS 10 or earlier.

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