This tweak removes the system-wide bold titles in iOS 11

When Apple released iOS 11 during the past year, the primary some tips i noticed and didn\’t particularly adore were those unnecessarily-large titles that illustrate up on the tops of various stock apps.

Assuming your iOS 11 device may be jailbroken with Electra, anyone can put in a new free jailbreak tweak called NoLargeTitles by iOS developer CoolStar to complete away with one of these unsightly titles and revert to how things looked in iOS 10 and earlier.

In the screenshot examples above, you can see that this tweak works its magic inside the Settings app. The earliest screenshot shows the bold \”Settings\” title simply because it appears on top of the Settings app with a stock device, while the second depicts how NoLargeTitles scales it to look a lot more it might in iOS 10.

Citing NoLargeTitles\’ Cydia description, the tweak works in the operating-system. With that being said, it got to similarly impact other stock apps such as the App Store, Mail, Music, and Photos, and others.

With no alternatives to configure, NoLargeTitles couldn\’t be simpler to use, plus it needs to be best with all jailbroken iOS 11 devices.

If you\’re ready eliminate those obnoxious bold titles seen throughout iOS 11, you may download NoLargeTitles for nothing from Cydia\’s BigBoss repository.

Do you prefer iOS 11\’s stock bold titles, or would you choose the overall look and feeling after installing NoLargeTitles? Share your ideas from the comments section below.

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