Customize text color and a lot more throughout iOS with LegiBilly

One from the primary reasons we jailbreak our devices should be to customize how a os in this handset looks, plus a new free jailbreak tweak called LegiBilly by iOS developer i0s_tweak3r is to individuals roots.

LegiBilly lets you give a slightly color to just about any label or text color throughout iOS, including what you might find around the Home screen, Lock screen, and standing Bar, to name a few.

In the screenshot examples shown above, you could discern the correct way LegiBilly works. You\’ll notice custom colors seizing various facets of your property screen and Spotlight page, which happen to have all been implemented via the tweak. Such as app icon labels, headers, search bar text, and more.

LegiBilly adds a protracted preference pane to the Settings app which you could set up your custom colors and alternatives to your liking:

Among exactly what you can configure here\’s:

  • Turn the tweak off or on on demand
  • Configure a main color
  • Configure a 2nd color
  • Customize the date text on your Lock screen
  • Add highlights home screen icon labels
  • Configure a property screen icon label color
  • Configure a Spotlight page text color
  • Add shadows to most text displays in iOS

The option is quite extensive and can provide your iPhone or iPad a fully new look. Value note, the tweak uses a color picker for configuration, which offers you with a limitless selection to pick from. Having said that, you won\’t have to trust in a pre-set listing of colors and may also pick anything involving standard colors for those who wanted.

For how it is, LegiBilly looks like it\’s a terrific way to give your jailbroken iPhone or iPad a whole new facelift and feel. Admittedly, not everyone is into aesthetic customizations, even so it should meet the requirements of those who are.

You can download LegiBilly at no cost from Cydia\’s BigBoss repository, and delay pills work on all jailbroken devices running iOS 7-11.

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