Saurik's latest Reddit comment discusses Electra, Cydia, and Mobile Substrate

With everything that\’s going on lately during the jailbreak community nowadays, it might be an understatement to express that searchers would like to know what are you doing with Saurik along with the iOS 11 update for Cydia and Mobile Substrate which he brought up on Reddit several weeks ago.

Following the Electra 1.0 public release in the week, Saurik took to Reddit just as before to talk about CoolStar’s jailbreak unit and his progress on updating Cydia and Mobile Substrate for iOS 11. As always, the comment is pretty long, so bear with us-

Saurik kicks things off by writing about Electra plus some inconsistencies concerning forked dependencies that enable the modified Cydia app to operate on CoolStar\’s jailbreak. In particular, he mentions apt 0.7.

Unsurprisingly, he won\’t support unofficial versions of Cydia or their dependencies and recommends that Electra users don\’t install any kind of his official updates in as much as jailbreak stability.

FWIW, people using Electra are essentially by using a fork of the stuff I’ve ever done that has been created by coolstar without any thought to the way would affect everthing else I’m taking care of or will probably be releasing, in the forthcoming or in the distant future; so, when you have installed Electra, I would can\’t help but recommend never installing any of the packages I push going forward: I\’ve got done no testing with Electra nor do I have any interest by any means in spending time I don’t need to attempt to be able to maintain compatibility with Electra.

The latest version of Cydia I’m will be pushing will probably not work without the new edition of Substrate, and I’m sure the modern version of Substrate I’m destined to be pushing is not going to operate on Electra (it really is doesn’t focus on LiberiOS, which is a “vaguely supported upgrade path”; you\’ll be able it is going to sort of “half” improve Electra, and there’s one design option that might allow it to go sort of work, but I’ve been leaning towards two other methods of doing it we currently have working, one of these simply couldn\’t ever function correctly on Electra as well as the other one that simply is assuming a bootstrap procedure that is based on the Cydia jailbreak instead of on Electra).

What this amounts to is: issues used Electra to jailbreak your iOS 11.0-11.1.2 device, then you shouldn’t set you back Saurik for ease Cydia or dependency-related problems. Instead, he advises directing any Electra-related inquiries to CoolStar.

And should you were wondering, Saurik’s updates won’t play nicely with the LiberiOS jailbreak either. LiberiOS currently is the one alternative option to Electra for jailbreaking iOS 11.0-11.1.2, but it doesn’t install Cydia because the latter does.

Saurik also answers another fundamental question: What\’s taking as long? Citing the entire comment, Saurik recently fell ill, which hindered his chance to make significant progress on Cydia and Mobile Substrate for iOS 11. Conversely, the situation is needs to search for, and this means development can continue.

While there\’s still no official ETA because of updates, Saurik’s comments in the week function as additional reassurance that she hasn\’t ignored the jailbreak community and remains dedicated to his projects.

At nowadays, jailbreakers may either continue waiting for Saurik\’s official releases or act rashly with CoolStar\’s Electra jailbreak tool. The decision is ultimately your choice for making, but you must think of the important picture and consider all options before deciding.

Saurik\’s full comment can be seen on /r/jailbreak.

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