CoolStar back from Twitter hiatus, says Electra public release could drop in the future

After a quick hiatus from Twitter, CoolStar has returned and created important announcements in connection with state on the Electra jailbreak tool for iOS 11.0-11.1.2 devices.

Citing one of his most up-to-date Tweets, Electra\’s final build is nearing completion and is ready for just a public release the instant monday:

We may also gather from your Tweet that Electra\’s final version needs to be one of the most stable 64-bit jailbreaks ever conceived since iOS 9.3.3. That said, anyone having second thoughts about jailbreaking iOS 11.0-11.1.2 with Electra may soon have the ability to ease their concerns.

For anyone who might\’ve jailbroken using an Electra public beta or with LiberiOS, don\’t worry. CoolStar says a final Electra public release will remove these jailbreaks for great before dancing, making the transition easier for that user:

On one other hand, this last release might not work with devices which are jailbroken with leaked iterations on the developer-only release candidates.

Anyone that falls into this category, despite countless warnings to not use leaked Electra release candidates, must use FutureRestore before you run the official public release.

Unlike the population betas of Electra, the public release will include a patched sort of Cydia. It\’ll allow users to fit and uninstall jailbreak tweaks and extensions with the third-party extension store, despite a seemingly-overdue update from Saurik himself.

There\’s still not sure yet concerning whether Saurik\’s official Cydia update will attempt to work about the Electra jailbreak sooner or later. At this moment, we\’ll only need to wait and discover.

Will you be jailbreaking with the final release of Electra when considering out? Contact us inside comments below!

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