Augment your Spotify Music app with Spodinhancer

If a person happens to make use of Spotify on your music-streaming needs on your own jailbroken iOS device, then you might take an interest in a brand new jailbreak tweak dubbed Spodinhancer by iOS developer Codey More.

If it was not already evident within the name, Spodinhancer delivers a bevy of both cosmetic and functional augmentations towards Spotify app.

After installation, you will find a different preference pane in Settings where you can configure the tweak to your liking:

Among the options included here i will discuss:

  • Enable Drive Mode over the iPhone/iPad (version 8.4.18 and earlier)
  • Disable Siri voice feedback (version 8.4.18 and earlier)
  • Enable voice do a search for music (version 8.4.18 and earlier)
  • Enable albums and artists (version 8.4.18 and earlier)
  • Toggle a prototype Now Playing bar
  • Enable an experimental Home tab with purportedly better looks
  • Enable landscape mode within the iPhone/iPod touch
  • Enable phones used to merely tab on the iPhone/iPod touch
  • Hide \”Other Devices\” from the app
  • Make your song history list unlimited
  • Disable search history (version 8.4.22 and earlier)
  • Enable the continuing song time remaining label
  • Fully disable the annoying \”Behind the Lyrics\” popup

As you might have discerned already, many of these options be based upon previous versions of the Spotify app (8.4.18 and 8.4.22). The existing sort of Spotify for iOS is 8.4.28, and several of those features will not work if you have the latest version of the app installed.

Whenever you make changes on the settings, you can actually close and restart the Spotify app using the App Switcher just to save your changes. The developer graciously contains a \”Tap to shut Spotify\” button directly inside the tweak\’s preference pane, that one can utilize.

If you wish to augment your Spotify app with Spodinhancer, its in Cydia\’s BigBoss repository for $0.99. The tweak works on all jailbroken iOS 8-10 devices. Furthermore, you could download the Spotify Music app at no cost from the App Store if you aren\’t already working with it.

Do any of the features from Spodinhancer work for you? Signify what you believe while in the comments section below.

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