PrivateMessage means that you can lock individual text bubbles with Touch ID

PrivateMessage is really a new free jailbreak tweak by iOS developer Frozen Penguin that permits you to lock individual message bubbles within the iPhone’s stock Messages app with Touch ID.

Perfect for anybody with paranoia, this tweak can hide confidential messages from any texting conversation, whatever the context or individual preference could be speaking with.

Whether you share your device with somebody that might snoop by your Messages app and skim your conversations or else you merely have a very nosy individual glancing over your shoulder to view what you\’re really typing, PrivateMessage will offer an oz of satisfaction.

Using the tweak is easy; just double-tap using a message bubble and PrivateMessage causes it to be entirely indiscernible, as shown above.

To unlock what it\’s bubble, the only thing you do is double-tap in it again, and a prompt insists upon authenticate yourself with Touch ID, like so:

After your authentication succeeds, your message becomes visible quite as you\’d expect. Furthermore, you can certainly hide the chat bubble again by double-tapping in it for just a second time.

PrivateMessage in concert with both iMessage and SMS message chat bubbles, but it even in concert with attachments. It\’s perfect for hiding secret messages such as whatever you got someone for any holidays or candid images that you might have sent onto your companion.

If you would like to try PrivateMessage for your own benefit, then you can buy it for nothing from Cydia\’s BigBoss repository. The tweak doesn’t play nicely with any third-party messaging apps, even so it works on all jailbroken iOS 10 devices with Touch ID support.

Do you wish the very idea of PrivateMessage, or will you prefer Touch ID-protecting apps with their entirety? Share with should be genuine section below.

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