Jailbreak tweaks of every week: The calm until the storm

It\’s the calm prior to storm from the jailbreak community even as we await iOS 11 support either way Cydia and Mobile Substrate. However, iOS 10 tweak development is stuck in a little bit of a lull as developers proceed with prepping their existing tweaks for iOS 11.

In this roundup, we\’ll outline the revolutionary jailbreak tweak(s) that got here in Cydia immediately.

Jailbreak tweaks from the week

DebugTripAdvisor: Enables the interior debug settings in the Trip Advisor app (free via CydiaGeek’s repository)

While their email list isn\’t impressively-long this week, aim to maintain the patience. Things should kick back up again after iOS 11.1.2 receives a proper jailbreak with full Cydia and Mobile Substrate support. Meantime, we\’ll continue seeing sparse releases for jailbroken iOS 10 devices.

If you\’re looking for more tweaks amid the slowness in the neighborhood of late, then attempt to add third-party Cydia repositories in your device to flourish your scope. Meanwhile, visit last week\’s jailbreak tweak roundup if you missed anything special from yesterday.

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What was your preferred jailbreak tweak released immediately? Share in content section below!

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