Tweaks of every week: AppColorBadges, tweakCompatible, and even more

There\’s been a good deal going on under the surface in the jailbreak community recently. While using the turmoil the two H3lix and LiberiOS jailbreaks along with the confirmation that Saurik would update Cydia for iOS 11, it seems like organic beef see another season of jailbreaking of course.

In this meantime, this particular blog post serves to give a brief report on many of the new jailbreak tweaks released during the entire past week. As always, we\’ll begin by showcasing a popular releases then outline others afterward.

Without further ado, we should get started-

Our favorite releases this week

AppColorBadges C FREE

AppColorBadges is really a new free jailbreak tweak that colorizes your icon badges so they match the icon they represent. Such as, Twitter badges appear blue, and Messages badges appear green.

The tweak brings a subtler style to your badges as compared to the stock, eye-jarring red badges using a stock device. Though it looks nicer in a few respects, additionally, it may build your badges blend in with your icons, which sometimes means they are much harder to remember at a glance.

You can find out about AppColorBadges and just what the tweak can achieve available for you in your full review.

tweakCompatible C FREE

With many of the packages to be found in Cydia today, both new and old, it’s not at all times effortless to discern those that will attempt to work with all your sort of iOS.

tweakCompatible is actually a new free jailbreak tweak that aims to help you using this type of problem. It utilizes crowd-sourced data to help you to check whether any tweak in Cydia is appropriate for your device.

Users also can report any package as either working or otherwise working, as well as tweak logs that response into a web-based database some individuals to work with.

You can discover more about tweakCompatible and the way it really works inside our full hands-on review.

Other releases this week

FitnessClearScrolling: Makes the action app’s user interface “clearer” while scrolling down and up (free via CydiaGeek’s beta repository)

Hid3x:?Hides the semi-untethered jailbreak app from your own home screen if this isn’t needed (free via BigBoss repository – review)

MyTextNotifications: Customize the title text off your incoming notifications (free via BigBoss repository)

WeChatRedEnvelopesHelper: An add-on to your WeChat app (free via BigBoss repository)

That virtually wraps things up to do this week\’s roundup, but we\’ll always maintain you updated as new jailbreak tweaks surface. You should attempt to add third-party Cydia repositories for your device to inflate your scope.

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What was the perfect jailbreak tweak released soon? Share in the section below!

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