Force3DAppShortcuts enables Quick Actions on unsupported devices

Anyone by having an iPhone 6s or later can access handy 3D Touch-based app features completely their apartment screen without launching this app, but include those with older devices are not as lucky (previously).

A new free jailbreak tweak called Force3DAppShortcuts by iOS developer DGh0st helps you to connect to the same Home screen-based A quick response menus that one could typically only access using a 3D Touch-enabled device.

Once installed, it is possible to tap and hold on any app icon from your Home screen to get into that app\’s Quick Actions, as shown above. It\’s just a lot like having 3D Touch support on the non-supported device, nevertheless it only works within the Home screen and never otherwise in iOS.

Notably, many of the menu options mirror the ones that you\’d see using a stock 3D Touch-supported device, and they also work as you\’d expect those to. Nevertheless, Force3DAppShortcuts is like having native 3D Touch on your device.

Force3DAppShortcuts adds a preference pane on the Settings app for you to configure a few options prefer:

Among what you is able to do let us discuss:

  • Toggle the tweak off or on on demand
  • Choose the amount of time required for tap and hold to enable rapid Actions menu
  • Choose the quantity of the peek feature
  • Configure the level of \”force\” meant for peeking
  • Configure a new gesture for editing Home screen app icons
    • Double-tap to the app icon
    • Swipe up on the app icon
    • Swipe down within the app icon
    • Swipe left around the app icon
    • Swipe right on the app icon
  • Enable or disable haptic feedback if you use the gesture
  • Choose the vibration duration for haptic feedback
  • Configure the vibration intensity for haptic feedback

A respring button slightly below the tweak\’s kill switch means that you can save any changes you get to settings whenever they want.

Because the tweak replaces the gesture useful for deleting or moving apps for your Home screen, it\’s good the developer incorporates a new option to manage your app icons aside from the 3D Touch gesture simulation. Furthermore this way there\’s haptic feedback built-in, simply because it helps to make the entire experience feel a lot more like the actual thing when using iPhone 6s or newer.

If you\’d like to give Force3DAppShortcuts a try, you could download it for nothing from Cydia\’s BigBoss repository. The tweak currently in concert with all jailbroken iOS 10 devices.

Do you love opening 3D Touch-based Quick Actions menus on non-supported devices? Inform us during the comments section below!

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