AppColorBadges colorizes your notification badges to fit app icons

If you wake every morning to a few unread notifications, then you probably find out what it\’s like to own your house screen plagued by unsightly red notification badges. Over the years, I have come across people consider the action as working with a bevy of little red eyes staring back towards you, and it’s not hard to be aware of why.

Anyone hunting for a subtler way to acknowledge their apps’ unread notifications might enjoy new free jailbreak tweak dubbed AppColorBadges by iOS developer Cole Cabral. This tweak color-matches your badge notifications into the app icons they lay on the surface of.

In the screenshot example above, you will observe how AppColorBadges impacts your house screen\’s notification badges. You can observe just how the Twitter app\’s icon badge turns blue, while the Messages app\’s icon badge turns green. Each replaces the eye-jarring red colorization that iOS displays for any app as.

Once you\’ve installed AppColorBadges, there is not anything to customize or configure. Nevertheless, you’ll locate a preference pane inside the Settings app for toggling the tweak on or off at will:

A complimentary respring button inside navigation bar lets you keep your changes if you toggle the tweak off or on.

Notably, AppColorBadges is included with both positives and negatives, and it’s only fair we mention all parties.

As for which I love about AppColorBadges, There\’s no doubt that it’s far more attractive. Furthermore, the personalization is a fantastic strategy to create your device differentiate themselves from everyone else\’s.

On the opposite hand, your notification badges become too well camouflaged in your app icons, which help it harder to discern whether you\’ve got any missed notifications or otherwise when you\’re beginning. You will need to train you to ultimately look tougher for the color-matched badges, this takes getting accustomed to.

If you\’d prefer something a bit distinctive from the normal red notification badges, then AppColorBadges might be worth a go. The tweak is accessible free of charge from Cole Cabral\’s beta repository in Cydia, and delay on all jailbroken iOS 10 devices.

You can abide by these steps so as to add Cole Cabral’s beta repository to Cydia and install AppColorBadges:

1) Launch the Cydia app and visit the Sources tab.

2) Tap over the Edit button and after that tap over the Add button.

3) From the text field from the pop-up seems, enter the following repository URL:


4) Tap on the Add Source button and wait for an repository to load into Cydia.

After completing all steps, you\’ll want to be able to locate and install AppColorBadges by searching Cydia or checking improvements tab the moment the app is carried out \”Reloading Data.\”

How will the tweak look on your device? Inform us inside comments section below.

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